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     The SAUNDERS family information links on this page contain information in several categories.  Much will be information compiled by Myrtle Saunders and will be considered as "historical" because it deals with ancestors from the distant past and the less distant past.  It was all compiled by 1938.  Some of it will be written and some will consist of old photographs from as far back as the early 1880's.  These links will all be denoted with a Myrtle Saunders designation. 
     Other links will take the viewer to more recent information that will contain text and photographs.  These links will be denoted as to broad content. 
     This site is under construction (September 2007) and content will be continually added as time allows.  Please continue checking in for new postings.  There is a large reservoir of information yet to be posted. 

                                                                                                                     James R. Saunders Jr. 

     This part contains the pre-Civil War, Civil War,  
and post Civil War exploits of James Powers  
Saunders, direct ancestor to all Saunders' of our  
branch of the line.  They are fascinating reading for  
anyone claiming the mantle of the Saunders family. 
They are also a unique and clear view into the past  
and the great events that shaped our country. 

Myrtle Saunders 1 

Myrtle  Saunders 2

Myrtle Saunders 3 

Myrtle Saunders 4 

Myrtle Saunders 5 

Myrtle Saunders 6 

     This section contains the history of the extended 
Saunders family and personal accounts of Pioneer 
Americana.  There is much of significance in that 
there are descriptions of pioneer life that are  
incomprehensible without reading the accounts of 
the people who were actually there and lived the 


Saunders Historical Photographs 

Saunders Confederate Money & Financial Documents 

     Recently I was contacted by a distant extended family member whose line was from the half-brother of my great-great-grandfather James Powers Saunders.  It is always gratifying when a family member finds some value in what I have presented in the site.  Her name is Coralee Jones Cornelius.  She had some additional content she wished to share on the site.  It is presented below.  It was assembled by her and some close family members. 

Thoughts Past and Future 
Saunders 1 CC-1 
Saunders 2 CC-2 
Saunders 3 CC-3 
Saunders 4 CC-4 
Saunders 5 CC-5 
Saunders 6 CC-6 
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Saunders 8 CC-8 
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