Saunders Historical Photographs


     James Powers Saunders is the eldest Saunders from whom a direct lineage to the present generation can be established.  He was a character who was completely engaged in the great events of the time that shaped this country.  I wish I could have known him.  He was a true "Son of the South" and Confederate Patriot.  He was also a "southern gentleman" and a man of good breeding.  He very much looks the part.  God bless great-great-granddad.  As I processed this photograph I couldn't help but find myself whistling Dixie. - JRS Jr. -

     Nancy Looney Long Saunders was the great, great grandmother of my generation of Saunders(es).  Her hard appearance in this photograph hides what was by all accounts a gentle and loving personality.  She was affectionately known by subsequent generations of Saunders as "Mother Saunders"
     She was a woman who had a lot to her inside.  In this photograph she was 43 years old, had delivered six children (the last in the middle of the Civil War), survived the Civil War in Kentucky basically on the front lines with six children to care for and her husband off fighting, and was still the linchpin of the Saunders clan.  You can't help but respect that.
     I believe that Mother Saunders proves there was no "Greatest Generation", just great people from all generations.  All Saunders can be proud of these ancestors. - JRS Jr. - 


      The above photograph was taken by Lilliebelle Hollifield Saunders in 1890.  She had labeled it as the "Post Office" and it probably served that purpose as well.  It was also "Dowlin's Mill" that was established in 1857.  For many years this small bit of civilization was what was Ruidoso, New Mexico other than Fort Stanton which was established in 1855.
     Lilliebelle Hollifield Saunders married William Henry Saunders, son of James Powers Saunders.  Sadly, no photograph of William Henry Saunders is known to exist.  The following photographs of Dr. Hollifield's residence were taken by Lilliebelle as well in 1893.  Dr. Hollifield was Lilliebelle's brother.  The reason for her visit to Milburn, Texas and her brother's residence was undoubtedly to see the new baby.














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