7 Myrtle Saunders Historical - continued...

     This section contains the astonishing and sometimes humorous exploits of James Powers Saunders, my great, great grandfather.  He was the father of William Henry Saunders, grandfather of Clifford Henry Saunders I and Myrtle Saunders, great grandfather of James Robert Saunders Sr., great great grandfather of James Robert Saunders Jr. - Clifford Henry Saunders II - Patricia Saunders St. Germain, great great great grandfather of Lisa Saunders Baugh - Joanne Saunders Johnson - Lori Saunders - Rebecca Saunders - Justin Harrison, and great great great great grandfather of Alexis and Elizabeth Johnson.
     The Civil War adventures, hairbreadth escapes from Yankees, letters to and from James Powers Saunders from other family members, and other writings portray a fascinating and unique look into the world of yesterday year when family members were highly engaged in events that would shape the country and the fabric of its' people.  I am proud that the Saunders were always engaged in the business of life and were never on the sidelines.  This is a must read for anyone claiming the mantle of the Saunders name and heritage. - JRS -

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