Saunders Extended Family

     Col. James Powers Saunders, the eldest Saunders to whom direct lineage to the present generation can be traced, had six children.  His eldest child, William Henry Saunders, had two children - Myrtle Saunders and Clifford Henry Saunders I.  Myrtle Saunders had no children and Clifford Henry Saunders had two, one, Orlo Pryce Saunders, died at age four and James Robert Saunders Sr. who is the progenitor of the present generation of Saunders' including this writer, James Robert Saunders Jr.
     What follows is Myrtle Saunders' research into the lives of the descendants of James Powers Saunders' other five children.  There is much good reading here that recounts Col. Saunders exploits from different perspectives and accounts of pioneer Americana regarding the lives of these Saunders'.  There is an account of a pioneer rainy wedding night spent in a covered wagon and letters that give a feeling and understanding of the times that is impossible to grasp without reading the words of people who were actually there.
     I hope you all find it as interesting as I have.  - JRS -

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