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     The Presslys have the unique distinction of being the best documented, yet least known of all the family branches. It is unfortunate that the Pressly branch became estranged after the 1940's. There is much to be proud of in the Presslys. Their beginning can be traced to pre-Revolutionary War Europe and America. Indeed, several members of the Presslys fought in the very early Indian Wars, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

     They were very prolific and a large number of them are alive and well today, still carrying the family name proudly. I was surprised to find that the Presslys were very Scotch as were the Saunders' and Greeves'. This gives truth to the old saying about "birds of a feather". Unfortunately, there is very little oral tradition to give life to a large amount of paper records. However, studious examination of the paper record will bring understanding of the great tradition this Family Branch contributes to the whole. I am proud of everything I have discovered in my research of this family branch and am pleased I undertook the effort. I am sure you will be pleased and proud also.
     Below the Pressly Contents Section that appears immediately below there is one chart. This chart, in flow chart format, traces the Pressly line to which the Saunders', Greeves', and Aubertins became joined. Another chart, listed in the contents section below, traces the complete Pressly lineage from Old Europe to the present day. Read on.....
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